Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Alternative energy is the future of freedom in America.  While the world is pregnant with transition, a tremendous opportunity exists for Americans to reclaim their heritage of personal freedom, express their independence once again, and embrace the unalienable rights with which they are endowed by their Creator.

The dirty little secret is that the hydrocarbon industry in America receives a one trillion dollar subsidy every year from the American Taxpayer.


That's right, a one trillion dollar subsidy from the American taxpayer every year!

The US government has had a stated goal of energy independence from foreign oil since it was first proclaimed by President Nixon in 1973. Every President since has reiterated that goal. Current alternative energy technology has reached a level where that goal is achieveable.

For example, a solar panel energy grid with current technology could provide all the power necessary to power the entire nation while only using less than half of one percent of all the land within the United States: or a square 100 miles wide by 100 miles long. With that understanding, we should require that all new homes built would be solar compliant; with a solar panel shingled roof. Additionally we should retro fit all existing homes by transferring 10% of the hydrocarbon subsidy to solar and wind turbines, via individual home owners, every year.

American energy independence can be achieved by allocating one trillion dollars of tax dollars over ten years as matching funds to American Homeowners; up to a maximum of $25,000 per home for a primary residence, to acquire credible solar and wind systems. By simply transfering only 10% of the current annual energy industry subsidies from the multi-national oil and gas corporations to the American Homeowner every year, genuine energy independence by the nation can be achieved within ten years, while liberating the American Consumer.

Solar Cell Roof

Further energy reductions could be achieved by allowing American consumers to write off the interest payments from loans on all-electric cars made in the USA; again by transfering the tax break from the oil and gas giants to American families. This would stimulate bank lending, stimulate American auto production, and increase American jobs while lowering the US balance of payments and decreasing the demand for imported oil.

Who are the people who pay the dominant share of taxes in America? The American homeowner! Every single family rooftop needs to become a stand alone energy collection center of solar and wind turbine systems, to provide power for every American family and to charge their electric cars. Excess energy can be sold to the local power company and that energy passed on to commercial users.

The United States has plenty of solar, wind, and tidal power. Americans need not, and should not, be held hostage by the energy companies and locked into a system of massive capital projects to generate that power; when a simple, cost effective, and liberating method that empowers the American taxpayer, consumer, and family is available.

As peak oil is reached and passed, dwindling supplies of hydrocarbons will be overwhelmed by global demand for energy, and prices will rise on oil and gas with a ripple inflation effect passing through the American economy like a tsunami hitting the beach. First, it will suck all of the money out of consumers pockets, and then it will wash over everything in its path, drowning any survivors in the way with a sea of red ink as prices rise.

As America approaches that time, energy giants will demand gigantic tax breaks and financial incentives from Congress to construct massive wind farms, massive tidal power plants, and massive solar farms to meet American energy demand at increased, and increasing cost to Americans consumers. Why not empower ourselves? By going solar and wind turbine at the individual, retail level, the American consumer can cut out the middle man (the giant oil and power companies) and stabilize the price of their energy over twenty or thirty years.

Why pay Big Business to build massive, subsidized energy projects, and then rent the power from them while they continue to increase the price of that electricity year after year to US? In essence Americans will be paying for the plants twice: first with tax incentives to these major corporations to begin with, and then enriching CEO's of these companies with huge compensation plans by renting the power from them. It doesn't make financial sense. Houses that are energy neutral will increase in value in the marketplace, and renovation of existing structures will revitalize the home building industry at the individual level.

Wind Turbine

Those who control the power have the power. Those who have the gold, rule. It's our money. We The People rule! Let's get off the grid! Let's exercise our power! Let's control the power in America!

It's our tax money. Why not spend it on US and create millions of new jobs in the process? Does that sound like a no-brainer to you? Embrace your freedom, get off the grid. Energy is a national security issue: your security, and your family's security.  Embrace US national security, and embrace your family's security. Demand that your elected officials get US off the grid! Its our money!

There is no longer justification for American families to be connected to the grid except to sell the local power company their excess electricity. Contact your Congressman or woman. Contact your U.S. Senator. Tell the White House. Demand that your elected officials spend our money on US, and not on the multi-national oil and gas corporations! Let the energy giant pimps that have gotten rich from your tax dollars find a new Ho! Afterall, its your money!

Editor's Update: Current advances in solar energy conversion technology has now reached 90%. I repeat, 90%! Thats more than a four fold increase in efficiency! Obviously that dramatically reduces the amount of land necessary to produce energy for the entire nation and underscores the potential for solar roofs to power our homes and autos.

You can use the link below to reach your elected representative and register your opinion. Be sure to tell these crimminals, cowards, and hypocrites you saw the suggestion at SHTF America!


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